Gerald Gradwohl


Born 1967 in Wiener Neustadt(A)
Jazz guitar studies in Vienna 1986 to 1989, graduated with distinction.
Active as musician, composer and band leader ever since.
Teaching jazz guitar at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory in Eisenstadt since 1991.
Living in Wiener Neustadt(A) as freelance guitarist and composer, Gradwohl can jump into and out off the stylistic changes like a true chameleon.
Having the support and backing his great rhythm section has really made this venture for Gradwohl into tribal funk fusion a viable effort of world class caliber.
GG pulls all the stops of his musical skills. “As much composition as necessary and as much improvisation as possible” seems to be the dogma and the point of view of fusion-music of today for this worldwide known and acknowledged composer and performer, living in Wr. Neustadt, Austria.
Out of the tiniest motives, Gradwohl manages to develop breathtaking solos based on steaming grooves or balladesque sound collages. Some kind of somnambulistic playing with the guys in the band let creative things happen.
After his great album „ABQ“ from 2003 (feat. Covington, Bob Berg and Gary Willis) and the 2011 released Live Album „ABQ Live & Raw“ the band recorded new material after their European tour 2012. This new album „Gerald Gradwohl – Big Land“ has been released in June 2013 and features the great ex Tribal Tech/Zawinul drummer Kirk Covington!!
He is currently touring with Covington and the great Adam Nitti (USA) on bass  and is working on a new album to be released 2016!

Collaborations with
Tangerine Dream, Bob Berg, Rick Margitza, Kirk Covington, Alex Göbel, Dancing Stars Orchestra ...just to name a few.

Cats & Camels “Face to face” 1991
Threeo “Threeo”, feat. Rick Margitza 1993
Threeo “Racing Time” 1995
Threeo “live” feat. Bob Berg, 1998
The Powergrade „Working Men“ 2001
Gerald Gradwohl “ABQ”, feat. Bob Berg, Gary Willis, Kirk Covington 2003
Gerald Gradwohl “Tritone Barrier“ feat. Scott Henderson, Hubert Tubbs 2007
Gerald Gradwohl Trio „Sally Beth Roe“ 2009
Gerald Gradwohl Group „ABQ Live & Raw“ 2011
Gerald Gradwohl Group „Big Land“(2013)


Gerald Gradwohl plays Powerbrights electric guitar strings exclusively by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna