Thomastik-Infeld Artist Family

“The quality and the range of strings offered by ThomastikInfeld are exceptional and unparalleled. ThomastikInfeld enables each violin player to make the best choice in selecting strings perfectly suited to their instrument in order to bring out the best sound qualities, resonance and performance. Spirocore by ThomastikInfeld give my violin a very rich sound. The resonance of these strings is brilliant and their thickness is ideal for my fingers to glide easily, making them an absolute pleasure to play. Thank you so much Thomastik-Infeld for these high quality strings!” Ragini Shankar Indian Classical Violinist proudly plays “After trying out all sorts of strings, I finally got hold of Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore and I was floored! Their richness of tone, velvety quality and smooth playability are incomparable. I have been using ThomastikInfeld strings for decades now and they will remain my constant companion.” Dr. N. Rajam Indian Classical Violin Virtuoso “The Singing Violin” and Pioneer of the revolutionary Gayaki Ang proudly plays “When I think of violin strings, my first choice is ThomastikInfeld’s Dominant. I love their bright tone with their smooth edges and punch. They are very comfortable on the fingers and provide ideal tonal warmth. Especially their sonorous qualities are unparalleled. In addition to Dominant, another favorite is Thomastik-Infeld TI, as those strings add more sweetness to my violin.” Dr. Sangeeta Shankar Indian Classical Violinist Composer, Visionary Educationist and Professor proudly plays and “Thomastik-Infeld strings give a beautiful body, richness and warmth to my violins. I have always been using Dominant and I love their fullness, projection and resonance. They are also extremely responsive and maintain their brilliance for a long time. I recently tried TI and these strings give a beautiful, sweet, rich tone to my violin. Both Dominant and TI are very suitable for Indian Music and I highly recommend them!” Nandini Shankar Indian Classical Violinist proudly plays and Photo: Inni Singh