Thomastik-Infeld Artist Family

Thomastik- Infeld Artist Family

A Adam Javorkai Adrian Stout Alegre Correa Alejandra Torres Aleksey Igudesman Alexander Gilman Ally Storch American String Quartet Andy G Jones Angel Parra Anton Sorokow Apocalyptica Aron Quartett Auner Quartett Avi Avital Avishai Cohen B Bilderbuch Brannon Cho C Calidore String Quartet Carlitos del Puerto Carol Kaye Castalian String Quartett Cello Fury Choong-Jin Chang Christian Galvez Christian Tetzlaff Claudio Narea D David Finckel David Friesen David Frühwirth Dominic Seldis Dominik Wagner Dover Quartet E Edicson Ruiz Emerson String Quartet Emmanuel Tjeknavorian Emmanuele Baldini Ernö Racz F Falk Zenker Feng Ning G George Benson Giora Schmidt Glenn Dicterow Guillaume Wang H Hilary Hahn Hillary Klug I Igor Malinovsky J Jahmal Nichols James Ehnes Janoska Ensemble Jeremy Abshire Jimmy DeMartini Jon Aanestad Jonathan Carney Juan Garcia-Herreros | Snow Owl Juan Salinas Julian Rachlin K Kenji Nakagi Kian Soltani Kyung Sun Lee

L La Vida Boheme Leonidas Kavakos Lorenz Nasturica Luis Salinas MMairead Nesbitt Marcos Rodriguez | Rage Mario Hossen Martha Mooke Martin Rummel Matthew Lipman Max Dimoff Michael Langer Michal Dmochowksi Mikael Akerfeldt | Opeth Miro Quartet N Nenad Vasilic New Zealand String Quartet Noah Bendix-Balgley O Ödön Racz P Peavy Wagner | Rage Peter Pas Peter Tickell Petru Iuga Philippe Quint Pieter Schoemann Pinchas Zukerman Q Quarteto di Cremona R Rachel Barton Pine Ray Chen Renaud Garcia-Fons Richard Weiss Robert deMaine Robert Uchida Roby Lakatos S Santiago Canon Valencia Scott Tixier Sergei Dogadin Sergey Malov Shanghai Quartet Shankar Family Simone Porter Stanley Clarke Steven Sharp Nelson T Tara McNeill Thomas Riebl Tobias Cordes | Seeed Tobias Granmo Turtle Island Quartet V Vadim Gluzman Victor Smolski Viktor Krauss W Wayne Darling Wilfried Hedenborg Wolfgang Wölfer-Roth Y Yesong Sophie Lee Yiwen Lu Z Zlatomir Fung Zuill Bailey

“Even with very little effort these strings produce a beautiful, full and distinctive sound. They are brilliant but also full of substance, offering a great range of tonal colors and versatility. I really like how they feel underneath my fingers and how they sound travelling to the audience.” Adam Javorkai International Soloist proudly plays and Photo © Sebastian Kocon

“Spirocores were the strings I started playing on, and the strings I always return to. I need strings that can cut through in a packed underground punk club or deliver the subtlest of notes in a classical music hall. Emotion and drama at my fingertips, strings that can be brutal and violent one minute, sensitive and quiet the next. Thomastik-Infeld Spirocores have the strength, depth and tone that I rely on day after day.” Adrian Stout The Tiger Lillies proudly plays Photo: Andrey Kezzyn

Alegre Corrêa Jazz Guitarist and Composer proudly plays CRKCLASSICGUITAR 125 HT, and “Strings are the instrument’s soul, their life and expression. Thomastik-Infeld has been giving soul, life and expression to my guitars and to my music for 35 years.”

I’ve been playing on Thomastik-Infeld strings for more than thirty years. On my electric violin, I choose Peter Infeld strings because they make all the difference in strength, brilliance and warmth! On my acoustic violin, I need plenty of colors, brightness and high definition as well as a deep, rich sound in the low registers (D and G) – all of which I find in Rondo strings. It’s an honor for me to be part of the Thomastik-Infeld family! Alejandra Torres Latin American Violinist proudly plays and Photo © Daniell Bedoya

“What I love about Thomastik-Infeld is that they keep on developing new strings and improving on the old ones. They are just as much a bunch of inspired artists as us musicians and try to push borders. That’s why I am always inspired to go and visit them and try out their newest products. Also, their range of strings is huge and there is something there for everyone.” Aleksey Igudesman Violinist, Composer, Conductor and Actor Filmmaker, Producer and Entrepreneur proudly plays Thomastik-Infeld prototype strings with E Photo: Julia Wesely

Alexander Gilman Soloist, Chamber Musician and Lecturer Artistic Director and Founder of the LGT Young Soloists proudly plays and “Be it on the Stradivari, Guadagnini or Gagliano – for years I‘ve been using Thomastik-Infeld Ti strings. For my current Guadagnini violin from 1769 I exclusively use the Peter Infeld strings as they offer the perfect combination of sound volume, beauty and warmth. They are the ideal accessory for me in every acoustical situation: orchestral performances, recitals or when teaching. An all-round top-quality set of strings!” Photo: Maurice Haas

Ally Storch Rock Violinist proudly plays and “I was playing ThomastikInfeld strings already when I was studying classical violin. Today I am working in the Progressive Music, Jazz Rock and Heavy Metal community and found one perfect electric violin in a six-string wooden instrument from Fidelius. The two additional strings (a low C and a lower F) are a special development of Thomastik-Infeld and couldn’t match better with the whole set of strings and my instrument. The strings work perfectly in both directions: brilliance in the high and powerful warmth in the low ranges. Furthermore, I am using these strings on all electric violins (GEWA Novita 3.0, four-string and five-string), because they always support their strengths and leave no more to wish for.” Photo: Jürgen Skrotzky

Photo: Peter Schaaf “I am thrilled to be using the Peter Infeld violin strings with the Platinum e. They have great depth and quality. They are without a doubt the best strings I have ever played. After the 1st concert I played using these strings, one of my students at the Manhattan School of Music asked me if I was borrowing a Strad. Incredible.” Peter Winograd, Violin proudly plays “I love my Titanium Vision Solo strings because they make my 1720 Tononi sound powerful and warm. They break in quickly and never have that new string sound which can be harsh for the first 2 days. Would never play anything else!” Laurie Carney, Violin proudly plays “I have always counted on Thomastik-Infeld strings for their absolute reliability in all climates wherever travel takes me. The clarity and responsiveness of these strings frees me to concentrate on the music!” Wolfram Koessel, Cello proudly plays and “My Andrea Amati has happily worn gut strings for over 400 years – but as those string players who tour know, climates vary from place to place, making such strings a liability. In Thomastik-Infeld’s Vision strings I have found a satisfying balance of warmth, character and tonal variety native to gut, and the power, projection and stability of synthetic core. In quartets one learns that adaptation and compromise remain virtues when all share high standards – of which these strings are a fine example.” Daniel Avshalomov, Viola proudly plays American String Quartet

Andy G Jones World-renowned Guitarist proudly plays , , , , Flat and Round Wound Photo: Esquire Tele

Angel Parra International Guitarist proudly plays and “When I put on Thomastik-Infeld strings I instantly realize the dramatic difference they make to my sound! You can tell the brainpower, passion and precision that goes into designing them. Simply the best ones on the planet.”

Anton Sorokow First Concertmaster of the Wiener Symphoniker Professor at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna proudly plays and “Thomastik-Infeld violin strings have played a significant part in all important events during my artistic career. For me, Thomastik-Infeld is the mastermind of string making, providing the best sound support already for many generations of violinists.”

Photo: Ville Juurikkala Apocalyptica proudly plays and “Apocalyptica has put their trust in Thomastik-Infeld strings for over a decade and during 1000 shows all over the world. We have tested all kinds of brands but Thomastik-Infeld is the only one withstanding the intense pressure, demanding techniques and variable concert conditions we are facing daily. The lower strings are solid, strong and durable, yet still smooth and flexible to play. At the same time, you can easily achieve a sensual and lyrical texture; rare to find both qualities within one set of strings. Thomastik-Infeld strings play an essential part in creating the heavy and majestic Apocalyptica distorted cello-sound and we proudly recommend these strings for everyone, no matter what music style they may play.” Eicca Toppinen Perttu Kivilaakso Paavo Lötjönen Mikko Sirén

“The spectrum of color and the highest quality of Thomastik-Infeld strings have always convinced us. When looking for a unified quartet sound, Thomastik-Infeld strings bring out the best in our instruments and performance. We are also particularly proud to be involved in the development of new strings.” Aron Quartet Barna Kobori proudly plays Ludwig Müller proudly plays and Georg Hamann proudly plays Christophe Pantillon proudly plays

“A quartet is a powerful exchange of four people talking, debating, singing and celebrating. Our instruments become one with our bodies and our strings turn into our vocal cords. Strings by Thomastik-Infeld give our musical ideas the perfect voice and enable us to talk to each other on stage. Their multitude of colors and precise response remain unsurpassed. They fulfill all tonal necessities to perform magic on stage and express every emotion!” Auner Quartett Barbara de Menezes Galante Auner proudly plays , and Daniel Auner proudly plays , , Red and Nikita Gerkusov proudly plays and Konstantin Zelenin proudly plays and Photo: Nadja Alexandrowa

“Thomastik-Infeld mandolin strings have played an incredibly crucial role in shaping my “voice” almost from the first day that I held a mandolin in my hands. Their precision and excellence reflect the exact same values I aspire in my work, and their sound has become inseparable from the renaissance of the mandolin that we are now seeing worldwide.” Avi Avital Mandolin Soloist proudly plays Photo: Harald Hoffmann/Deutsche Grammophon

“I have been using the Spirocore weich strings by Thomastik-Infeld for twenty years now and don’t look to change anything. I think that says it all! Thanks!” Avishai Cohen Award-winning International Bassist and Composer proudly plays Photo: Yuri Lenquette

“For the last 5 years Thomastik-Infeld strings have been an essential part of our on stage and studio performances. We have been able to rely on their excellent and stable quality ever since.” Bilderbuch proudly plays and Photo: Neven Allgeier Maurice Ernst Michael Krammer Peter Horazdovsky Philipp Scheibl

The Rondo strings by Thomastik-Infeld are exactly the strings I have been searching for. These strings are capable of producing a crystal-clear, powerful sound with an immediate response, but also have the full spectrum of colors and depth. They make playing a lot easier and open up even more possibilities for me! Brannon Cho International Prize-winning Cellist proudly plays Photo © Wild Oak Collective 2019

“Our strings from Thomastik-Infeld enable us to finesse the entire range of sonic colors from our instruments. From Ravel to Haydn and Shostakovich to Bach, ThomastikInfeld strings allow us to bring an authentic voice to every composer we play. They form the core of our quartet’s sound and also give us the power to project our solo lines. Our strings continue to inspire us each and every day with their warmth, responsiveness, color and clarity. Many thanks to Thomastik-Infeld for their superior products!” Calidore String Quartet proudly plays , and Jeremy Berry, Viola Estelle Choi, Cello Ryan Meehan, Violin Jeffrey Myers, Violin Photo: Marco Borggreve

Photo: Pernilla Nylander Carlitos del Puerto International Double Bass Soloist proudly plays “Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore were the strings I started my career with way back when I was a kid in Habana Cuba. Like a good old friend of mine they have always been there for me with perfect balance, perfect tension, toughness and durability. Spirocores are traditional yet modern sounding at the same time. I love them, they feel familiar, they feel like home. Thank you ThomastikInfeld for continuing to make amazing products! It means a lot to all of us musicians, thank you.”

“It’s safe to assume, having done over 10.000 record dates, movie scores, and TV-film shows in the 1960s and 1970s as 1st call recording electric bassist in Hollywood (Musicians Union Local 47), I had specific sound needs: this not only meant “cleanest sounds”, but also instant response, and long-lasting great strings that could take the beating of recording/playing hard on 10-16 hours a day as that’s the amount of recording work there was back then. When I returned to the Music Recording Business in the late 1990s, I needed better strings than ever, and ThomastikInfeld strings were brand new back then. I was pleasantly surprised, no, absolutely astounded is the word! I could record on your new Jazz Flat Wound strings instantly (no break-in period) and what great, powerful, yet sensitive bass sounds I got out of them: in-tune musical from start to finish with power plus, and a feeling like silk to play on as well as right sounds I can trust for recording and live playing in all styles of music! We all need great sounds and the strings are a big part of that. THANK YOU For Such Great Strings! I could easily get such fab sounds with my Permanent Flatwound 60s Sounds Power-Strings for years! I mean it, the words I said, Thomastik-Infeld strings are every bass player’s dream strings. PS: I also love your George Benson flat wound strings for real Jazz! The Finest!” Carol Kaye No. 1 Most-Recorded Hit Studio Bassist Leader in Bass Education Author-Publisher-Studio Musician-Poll #3 Elec Bassist in Live Jazz proudly plays Flat Wound and

Photo: Kaupo Kikkas Sini Simonen proudly plays Charlotte Bonneton proudly plays Daniel Roberts proudly plays Christopher Graves proudly plays “We are thrilled to play Vision and Versum Solo strings by Thomastik-Infeld, carefully chosen according to our instruments, musical personalities and roles within the string quartet. They respond brilliantly to repertoire from classical to contemporary and have enabled us to expand our tonal palette, giving us both optimal blend and means of individual expression. Thank you, Thomastik-Infeld!” Castalian String Quartet

Photo: Nadine Sherman proudly plays and Cecilia Caughman Nicole Myers Simon Cummings

“I must have tried almost all combinations of string brands but only Thomastik-Infeld strings meet my expectations. I combine Vision Solo A+D, Spirocore Silver G and Tungsten C. Together they offer great power, sensitivity, many layers of colors and pitch stability. They help me sound at my best. With gratitude,” Choong-Jin Chang Principal Viola of the Philadelphia Orchestra proudly plays and Photo: Bonsook Koo

Photo: Vladimir Korobitsyn Christian Galvez Electric Bass Virtuoso proudly plays and Flat Wound “A great, versatile string with a warm tone, professionally manufactured with exceptional raw materials. I love them!”

“Thomastik-Infeld strings are the perfect fit for me and my violin: unbelievably colorful, very responsive to changes in bow pressure and contact point but with enough power to carry through in a pinch – Masterpieces!” Christian Tetzlaff International Soloist proudly plays ThomastikInfeld prototype strings Photo: Giorgia Bertazzi

Claudio Narea International Guitarist proudly plays , and “When I discovered Thomastik-Infeld, I immediately noticed the difference to strings from other brands I was using before: more durability, balance and an incredible sound!” Photo: Leonel Fritis

David Finckel International Soloist Co-Artistic Director of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Professor of cello at the Juilliard School proudly plays Photo: Lisa-Marie Mazzucco “Spirocore strings have been an essential component of my career as a soloist and chamber musician since my youth. I cannot imagine doing justice to a Shostakovich concerto, a Bartok quartet, or a Bach suite without them. They give me everything I need as a cellist: beauty of tone, responsiveness, consistency and the strength to cut through orchestras and ensembles, and in duo repertoire, to stand up against the power of today’s 9-foot concert grand pianos. They are perfectly suited to my entire collection of instruments, which includes everything from a 1754 Guadagnini to a 2014 cello made in China. Spirocore is, and has been, my first choice of cello strings, serving every need I have on stage and in the recording studio.”

David Friesen Jazz Bassist, Composer and Educator proudly plays Thomastik-Infeld custom made strings Photo © Gerhard Watzek Photografie

David Frühwirth International Violinist and Pedagogue proudly plays ThomastikInfeld prototype strings “For me, ThomastikInfeld strings are the perfect choice for all my instruments! The possibility to combine different strings is fantastic and results in maximum sound volume, brightness and the highest possible variety of sound colors. Simply amazing!” Photo:

Photo: Frank Ruiter Dominic Seldis Principal Double Bass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam Professor of Double Bass at the Royal Academy of Music, London and Double bass coach for YOA proudly plays

Dominik Wagner Soloist and Chamber Musician proudly plays and Photo: Daniel Delang

Daniel Roberts proudly plays Charlotte Bonneton proudly plays Christopher Graves proudly plays Sini Simonen proudly plays “As a string quartet, we were always searching for the perfect balance between blend and individual profile, and with Thomastik-Infeld strings we have finally found it. With their wide variety of string types to choose from, every one of us has found the best sound for our instrument highlighting its own distinct voice; but because of the sophisticated ThomastikInfeld sound philosophy, our four voices sound better together than ever before.” Dover Quartet Camden Shaw, Cello proudly plays Joel Link, Violin proudly plays and Bryan Lee, Violin proudly plays Milena Pajaro-Van De Stadt, Viola proudly plays and and Photo: Carlin Ma

“As a soloist only with Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore I have succeeded to fly easily over any orchestra I have been blessed to play with. Their clarity travels easily to the audience and their unique frequency matches my antique 1754 Milanese bass like no other string. After trying every string brand on the market, I can say with absolute certainty that Thomastik-Infeld Belcanto is the most powerful and thus the only string for my orchestral playing. It is the one with the highest resistance in terms of weight, it offers diversity of color and all the dimensions that our orchestra is renowned for world-wide.” Edicson Ruiz Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra proudly plays and Photo: Nohely Oliveros

Photo: Lisa-Marie-Mazzucco “We are delighted to endorse Thomastik-Infeld strings. To meet the tonal demands of repertoire ranging from Purcell and Bach through the Viennese Classics and the Romantic period to the sonic experimentation of Bartók, Janáˇcek, Berg and Shostakovich – as well as a broad selection of contemporary music that we have premiered over the years – we find that Thomastik-Infeld strings enable us to explore a wide spectrum of colors and dynamics, to blend our sounds when needed, and to retain the individuality of our respective instrumental voices in every conceivable texture of string quartet writing.” Emerson String Quartet proudly plays , , , , , and Lawrence Dutton Paul Watkins Philip Setzer Eugene Drucker

Photo: Uwe Arens Emmanuel Tjeknavorian International Violinist proudly plays

“Four strings – four voices bringing the soul of my instruments to shine. And with PI strings both my old violin by Sebastian Klotz (1760) and my modern violin by Luiz Amorim (2015) shine like never before. Thank you Thomastik-Infeld!!! Strings are the connection between player and instrument, and only Peter Infeld strings make me and my instruments love each other through music.” Emmanuele Baldini Concertmaster Osesp, São Paulo/Brazil Music Director OCV, Valdivia/Chile Osesp Quartet and Arqué Trio proudly plays Photo: Hermanas Vasconcelas

“For 10 years I happily play Belcanto Solo strings by ThomastikInfeld. They offer exactly what I wish for: an unbelievably warm and brilliant sound. In my opinion these strings are the first choice in turning a double bass into a soloist.” Ernö Racz Principal Double Bass of the Tonkünstler Orchestra proudly plays

Falk Zenker Guitarist and Sound Artist proudly plays CRK 124 MT “I am hooked on the new CRK Classic guitar strings from Thomastik-Infeld. Their warm, powerful and silk-like sound combined with very clear intonation in all registers inspire me and let me fly with my instrument. Especially the bass strings surprise with an instant tuning stability I haven’t found in any other concert guitar string before. If – even with their good durability – I have to change strings just before a show, I can be sure that they will sound instantly perfect. What else should I ask for? Thank you Thomastik-Infeld!” Photo: Guido Werner

“I’ve been using Thomastik-Infeld strings for over 20 years. Currently I’m stuck on Peter Infeld and Rondo alike. They offer such a brilliant sound and at the same time allow me to create many, many different colors and characters. They are the perfect strings for my violins!! Thank you, Thomastik-Infeld.” Feng Ning Award-winning Violinist proudly plays and Photo: Lawrence Tsang

George Benson Multiple Grammy-winning International Guitarist proudly plays

“My c. 1830 Rocca is the heart of my sound. Thomastik-Infeld strings are the arteries. My personal Thomastik-Infeld string set up magnifies every note I hear in my head, creating boundless expression and tonal color. Vocal warmth, lighting power and projection, earthy grit and a silvery upper register. This is the reason we’ve been partners in sound for over 30 years. Thank you!” Giora Schmidt International Soloist and Chamber Musician proudly plays Thomastik-Infeld prototype strings with E

Photo: Chris Lee “Peter Infeld strings are by far the most open and responsive strings I have ever used. I have them on all my violins, old and new. They let me sculpt my sound allowing an array of tonal colors I never thought possible, and when I need the utmost volume out of my instruments I can do so without any string distortion.” Glenn Dicterow Award-winning Soloist and former Concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra proudly plays

“Thomastik-Infeld strings, where do I start? I am a real string geek, I love experimenting, putting things to the acid test and I have tried pretty much every string there is on the market. Thomastik-Infeld ticks all the boxes! I’m 100% sure, they are my favorite “always-go-to” strings! Elegance, warm and round sound, deep tone, great projection you name it, Thomastik-Infeld, they’ve got it! To me Thomastik-Infeld’s broad variety makes it hard not to find something that perfectly suits you. These strings provide me with great confidence, as I have put 100% confidence in these strings and they have never failed me. To me Thomastik-Infeld is by far the leading string company and they will bring many more great and creative inventions to us. Thomastik-Infeld has my vote!” Guillaume Wang First Prize Winner at the International Antonio Janigro Cello Competition 2020 proudly plays

Photo: Dana van Leeuwen Hilary Hahn Multiple Grammy-winning Violinist proudly plays

Photo: Darwin Alberto Hillary Klug Fiddle and Dance proudly plays

“Thomastik-Infeld strings have remained my faithful companion for decades. The fascinating sound variety created by Ti strings is absolutely remarkable. Soft warmth along with glorious energy enable me to combine two elements: the Russian Violin School and Viennese Sound.” Igor Malinovsky Professor of Violin Carl Maria von Weber Dresden College of Music proudly plays and Photo: Lars Neumann

Jahmal Nichols International Bassist, Composer, Producer and Touring Bassist with Gregory Porter proudly plays

Photo: B. Ealovega James Ehnes International Soloist Artistic Director of the Seattle Chamber Music Society proudly plays

“With the Vision Titanium Solo strings I found the perfect balance for my violin. They adapt effortlessly to any music genre. Whether I play in a studio or on stage in a big concert hall, ThomastikInfeld strings are simply the ideal partner in any situation. I can’t stop recommending them!” Roman Janoska proudly plays and “Spirocore and Belcanto strings by ThomastikInfeld raise the perfect sound from my double bass and enable me to touch the soul of my audience.” Julius Darvas proudly plays and “An exceptional style demands for exceptional strings! With ThomastikInfeld strings we are reaching the perfect frequency for a brilliant sound in all music genres that we are combining in our Janoska Style.” Janoska Ensemble “I am so happy with Vision Titanium Solo strings by Thomastik-Infeld. The harmonic vibration of the overtones is very brilliant and in the lower registers they offer a lot of power and volume. They create elegant, soft and velvet tones when playing lyrical passages, something I don’t ever want to live without anymore.” Ondrej Janoska proudly plays , , and Photo: Andreas Bitesnich

Jeremy Abshire Multiple Award-winning Fiddle Player Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer & Songwriter proudly plays Photo: Keoni Keur

Photo: Andy Sapp “Thomastik-Infeld Dominant violin strings have been as much a part of my sound as the violins I play on. Whether recording in the studio acoustically or playing in stadiums with electric violins, Dominants allow me to shape perfectly balanced tones. Their flexibility and stable intonation, even in changing weather and humidity conditions, bring the versatility much needed for our demanding tour schedule, and give me a piece of mind every time I step out on stage.” Jimmy DeMartini Zac Brown Band proudly plays

Jon Aanestad Touring Musician with Drake White proudly plays “As a touring musician, I look for strings that are durable, stable and settle quickly as sometimes I don’t have the luxury of time between shows. I like Vision Solo strings because they are warm, but articulate, and have the stability I need for the road. For me, the tone and articulation fits perfectly with the current fiddle style I find myself playing most frequently with country artist Drake White.” Photo: Jon Karr

Photo: Chris Lee Jonathan Carney Concertmaster of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra International Violinist and Violist proudly plays

“More than a decade ago Mr. Infeld discovered me during one of my performances at the Frankfurter Musikmesse. We immediately developed a close friendship and mutual respect, which I deeply cherish until today. During the process of testing the Infeld Super Alloy strings I was amazed with the amount of passionate attention the Thomastik-Infeld team put to my artistic input. I truly feel that it is an honor to be part of a Viennese musical legacy. My instrument is merely the body, the strings ARE the soul. Thank you Thomastik-Infeld for your belief in me.” Juan Garcia-Herreros – Snow Owl Latin Grammy-nominated and World-renowned Electric Bassist proudly plays , CRK , , and Photo: 2019 INCME

“Thomastik-Infeld strings have an excellent response. They provide the sound I look for in every note and are a pleasure to play.” Juan Salinas International Guitarist proudly plays , and CRK

Julian Rachlin proudly plays and Photo: Julia Wesely

“I love playing VERSUM strings. They give me the elegance and clarity in sound that I want and open my mind to new possibilities. Always very comfortable to play, with high quality sound and quick articulation – what else!” Kenji Nakagi International Cellist proudly plays on this photo Versum A+D and Spirocore G+C Sarasate © Hideki Shiozawa

Photo: Holger Hage/Deutsche Grammophon Kian Soltani International Cellist proudly plays , and “A great cello string is solid, reliable, can speak and sing equally well and will bring out the best in a cello. The Thomastik-Infeld strings not only do that, but they inspire me to go deeper and discover colors I wasn’t even aware my instrument is capable of! I’m very happy to play Thomastik-Infeld strings and want to encourage everyone else to discover them as well!”

Prof. Kyung Sun Lee International Soloist Head of the string department Seoul National University proudly plays “I have found everything I look for in PI strings and have been playing them now for over 10 years. They are reliable and a perfect match for my Joseph Guarnerius Filius Andreae 1723 violin. I am honored to be among the Thomastik-Infeld artists and look forward to many more years of excellent partnership.”

“As a rock band, we are really aware of what the tone of our guitars should sound in order to stand out among others. Thomastik-Infeld does not only give us a wide-ranging tone palette to explore new sounding possibilities but also have become part of our sound as a whole band.” La Vida Boheme Two-Time Latin Grammy Award Winner Alternative Rock‘n‘Roll Band proudly plays , , , , , flat and round wound Sebastian Ayala Daniel Briceño Henry D‘Arthenay Daniel de Sousa

“You should be able to think about your music and not worry about your tools! Thomastik-Infeld lets me do just that. Rondo strings don’t impose their character on my instrument, they highlight it and offer a sparkle. I find them ideal for very bright violins. Thanks for the sparkle and the reliability!” Leonidas Kavakos Multiple Award-winning International Soloist and Conductor proudly plays Photo: Marco Borggreve

“Rondo strings by Thomastik-Infeld emphasize the power and brilliance of my 1713 Stradivari. They absolutely convince me and thus I recommend them worldwide, wherever and whenever I perform as a soloist.” Lorenz Nasturica-Herschcowici Principal Concert Master of the Munich Philharmonics proudly plays

“Thomastik-Infeld strings always keep their pitch, are reliable in sound and longevity!” Luis Salinas International Guitarist proudly plays , and CRK

Máiréad Nesbitt Celtic Violinist and Composer proudly plays and “Thomastik-Infeld strings have been my musical partner from recording my solo albums “Hibernia” and “Raining Up” to my Nesbitt family album “Devil’s Bit Sessions”. These amazing strings have been with me in the biggest shows and venues in the world! They have a perfect blend of elegance, power, brilliance and warmth that helps me to achieve the dynamic range that I love in my multiple styles. They are also my choice and the perfect companions for my new violin line “Máiréad Nesbitt Celtic Violin Collection”. From Lord of the Dance and Celtic Woman worldwide to Rocktopia on Broadway, they are also my perfect live performance companions! Thank you, Thomastik-Infeld!”

“Those who know Thomastik-Infeld, know that their strings are the most prestigious with a long and well-deserved reputation in the classical music world. Thus it’s not surprising that a company renowned for the best sounding strings with the highest quality also develop and produce the best guitar strings I have ever tried. And let me tell you: I’ve tried tons of strings over the years, but only when I discovered Thomastik-Infeld back in 2008 I finally found the perfect balance between durability, stability and clarity! They are harmonically rich with a stunning tone that allows you to get the best sound at the tip of your fingers!” Marcos Rodriguez Rage proudly plays Photo: Fabiana Iraci

“The colors, the warmth and the noble sound of Thomastik-Infeld strings give me all I need to make music.” Mario Hossen Concert Violinist Artistic Director of the Camerata Orphica and Founder of the IMA Orpheus proudly plays

Photo: Ebru Yildiz Martha Mooke Electro-Acoustic Violist, Composer and Producer Pioneer in the field of electric viola proudly plays , and “Playing a string instrument is a team sport requiring all members – player + instrument + strings + bow – to be at the top of their game. That’s why ThomastikInfeld strings have been an integral part of my team for many years.”

“For a very long time, I have used Thomastik-Infeld tungsten wound Spirocore C and G strings on all my instruments. Since I became a Thomastik-Infeld artist, I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in the development of new strings. Currently I am playing a combination of Spirocore, Versum and Versum Solo strings as well as prototype strings, as we are experimenting to create a new soloist set. Both the extensive knowledge and deep respect for a wide range of musicians that drives the development team of Thomastik-Infeld continuously impress and inspire me. And I always feel that their strings enable me to use my instruments to their maximum range of expression. With Versum Solo and Rondo my cello speaks exactly my artistic language.” Martin Rummel proudly plays and Photo © Maria Frodl

“Thomastik-Indeld has been my string brand of choice for over ten years. Their philosophy of reducing tension to maximize color and projection resonates best with my playing style, and indeed makes my 1700 Matteo Goffriller resonate gloriously as well. I believe that these strings stand for high quality, and after seeing the cutting edge technology in the Vienna factory, I look forward to the exciting new products they produce in the future. Bravo, Thomastik-Infeld!” Matthew Lipman Award-winning International Violist proudly plays Thomastik-Infeld prototype strings

Photo: Gary Adams “Whether playing a Mahler Symphony at Severance Hall or a recital in solo tuning, Spirocores have the great combination of power, clarity and quick response that I love! The sustain on pizzicato is unmatched by any other string. Spirocores are the perfect strings in a wide range of styles. Thank you Thomastik-Infeld!” Max Dimoff Principal Double Bass of the Cleveland Orchestra proudly plays

Michael Langer Musician, Professor and Composer proudly plays CRK 125 HT “When playing fingerstyle and classical master pieces on your guitar, strings need to have it all: power, quick response and a percussive punch coming from carbon strings, but also nobleness, sustain and warmth typical for nylon strings. With the new CRK classic guitar strings 125 HT (hard tension) from Thomastik-Infeld I have found both! They take me into an exciting world full of sound colors and emotion!” Photo: Hans Leitner

“The Thomastik-Infeld RONDO® cello strings are the best strings I ever played. They are bright and sound great, and they are easy to handle – even when I model a vibrato. Their sound is very balanced, which results in superb stability. These strings perfectly match my demands. I have been looking for strings like that to work with for a long time and have tried many brands and models before. For me the Thomastik-Infeld RONDO® strings are the greatest.” Michal Dmochowski award-winning cellist and professor at Conservatorio Superior de Madrid Katarina Gurska and Higher Academy of Bydgoszcz proudly plays

Mikael Akerfeldt Opeth proudly plays and “Ever since the very beginning of my recording career, the very early days of Opeth, I’ve been absolutely infatuated with Thomastik-Infeld strings. I first came across them while I was working in a guitar shop in Stockholm in the early 90s. We were a general agent for a big acoustic guitar brand (CF Martin) and we also sold strings and guitar accessories. The owner gave me a pack of Thomastik-Infeld Plectrum strings to put on his old 1973 Martin HD-35 Dreadnought guitar as those were his strings of choice. I followed orders and put them on. As I was tuning up, I realized these strings sounded so much better than any of the other big brands that we carried in the store. They also proved to last longer and keep the brilliance in sound much longer than any other string I had ever tried. Since then, and on every single Opeth album ever recorded, we have used Thomastik-Infeld strings in the studio. They’re hands down the best strings I know. I’ve been a professional musician, constantly touring or recording, for around 2 decades now and, hand on heart, I don’t think I have ever approached a company off my own bat. They’ve always come to me, luckily. Now, with Thomastik-Infeld, I actually wanted to work with them so much that I couldn’t wait to get going. It’s way out of my comfort zone to approach a possible endorsement company but I couldn’t help myself. Luckily, they took a liking to me and we’ve had a great relationship for many years now. I have their strings on every single guitar I own, which is a fair amount of guitars. Electric strings? Acoustic strings? Nylon strings? I use them all. I even put their nylon strings on a couple of old lutes I restored and they sound amazing now. Go figure. Studio or live work, Thomastik-Infeld strings are the best sounding and most trustworthy strings out there. Thank you so much for your support and your incredible products.” Photo: Stuart Wood

Photo: Jeff Wilson Daniel Ching John Largess Joshua Gindele William Fedkenheuer Miró Quartet proudly plays , , , , and

“Some of my basses like Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore (light gauge), and then some of them like Belcanto strings better. I like them both! I use Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore for more sustain and punch. For Arco or Pizzicato I prefer Belcanto, orchestra tuning, with a gut-like kind of feeling: “short” and very deep. I play Thomastik-Infeld double bass strings since my student days and the quality of these strings is hard to beat!” Nenad Vasilic proudly plays and Photo: Igor Ripak

Helene Pohl proudly plays and Thomastik-Infeld prototype strings Monique Lapins proudly plays Thomastik-Infeld prototype strings Rolf Gjelsten proudly plays Gillian Ansell proudly plays Thomastik-Infeld prototype strings “A quartet without strings would only be met with silence. Thomastik-Infeld strings give us a vivid and colourful palette for our music to sing; able to handle the dramatic surprises and transcendental notes of Beethoven, the wild dances of Bartok to the bird calls and mountainous landscapes of New Zealand music. Our beloved Guarneri, Storioni, Amati and Gofriller instruments each work best with a different combination of TI strings, including new prototype strings; we can each find in them an ideal balance of sweetness, brilliance, articulation and reliability.” New Zealand String Quartet

Photo: Nikolaj Lund Noah Bendix-Balgley​ Concertmaster of the Berliner Philharmoniker proudly plays and

“I have been playing Thomastik-Infeld Belcanto strings for 5 years now and these strings are the perfect choice for me as a double bass soloist as well as performing with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Belcanto strings have a superior quality and create such wonderfully smooth and beautiful tones – playing these extraordinary strings is simply a joy, every single time and tone.“ Ödön Racz Double Bass Soloist Principle Double Bass of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra proudly plays Photo: Lukas Beck

“I play Thomastik-Infeld strings for more than 15 years now and I can truly say that no other brand comes even close. When looking for quality, brilliance and endurance ThomastikInfeld strings simply are at a higher level!” Peavy Wagner Rage proudly plays

Photo: Natália Kikuchi Peter Pas Viola Soloist of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra proudly plays

Peter Tickell Futuristic Ancient Young Musician proudly plays Photo: Reed Ingram Weir

“Thomastik-Infeld strings fully live up to my inner conception and vision of sound. When I play on them, I have the impression that their timbre more closely resembles that of the human voice than that of a string. The tone quality of Belcanto is warm, deep and radiant: every note is an inspiration.” Petru Iuga Professor of double bass at University of Music and Arts in Mannheim and at HEMU Lausanne/Switzerland proudly plays

“I have been playing on strings made by Thomastik-Infeld for as long as I have been playing the violin, with Vision Titanium Solo being my go-to set. What is most extraordinary about these strings is that they have worked wonders on each and every violin from all kinds of periods I have had a chance to play on. Currently these strings bring out the best qualities of my 1708 “Ruby” Stradivari. I have always recommended using these strings to my colleagues, looking for warmth, clarity, quick response, projection and durability and I will continue to do so.” Philippe Quint Violin Soloist, Chamber Musician and Artistic Director proudly plays Photo: Kirill Bashkirov

Photo: Benjamin Ealovega Pieter Schoeman Concertmaster of the London Philharmonic Orchestra proudly plays

“I have played on Thomastik-Infeld strings since 1972. I still adore the strings and the improvements have been wonderful. There is true sound and a wonderful response on the instrument. I recommend it to all string players who care about good sound and proper intonation.” Pinchas Zukerman Violinist, Violist, Conductor, Pedagogue and Chamber Musician proudly plays Thomastik-Infeld prototype strings Photo: Cheryl Mazak

“A few years back I tried the Thomastik-Infeld Vision Solo simply because their name made me curious. I’ve always looked for clarity and depth of sound in strings and I must say that I found both in Vision Solo!” Cristiano Gualco Violin “I have been using ThomastikInfeld Blue and Red for the last five years for their powerful and pure sound. They settle easily on both modern and old instruments. The price is fantastic and I will never change again, because I find these strings among the best on the market.” Paolo Andreoli Violin “I’ve always played on ThomastikInfeld strings. Absolutely reliable, wonderful with a rich tone and sound. Out of curiosity I tried other strings from different producers but soon went back to Thomastik-Infeld. Discovering Peter Infeld strings made my day. Because now I also have the perfect balance.” Simone Gramaglia Viola “I tried ThomastikInfeld Versum due to a recommendation. The results were great, immediately! It was not just the power of sound, but also the amazing quality that made me fall in love with them! Sweet, but also strong. The best strings ever!” Giovanni Scaglione Cello Quartetto di Cremona proudly plays , Blue/Red, and Photo: Nikolaj Lund

Photo: Lisa-Marie Mazzucco Rachel Barton Pine Award-winning International Violinist proudly plays

“Strings are to an instrument what musicians are to the note on the score. Both channel the passion, connection and virtuosity in music. ThomastikInfeld strings enable me to access a world of colors and emotions, right at the tips of my fingers. That’s why they are the best.” Ray Chen Award-winning International Violinist proudly plays Photo: Julian Hargreaves

Photo: Siegfried Baramsky “For more than 35 years I have been using Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore strings, combining Spirocore Solo and Spirocore Orchestra weich. In the course of time I have tried other brands, but I have always returned home. For me they are perfect for pizzicato and bowing. These strings offer brilliance, precision and a tonal quality I need for both my melodic and rhythmic playing. They are suitable for solo performances as well as accompaniment, for recording sessions and concerts. These strings allowed me to develop a particular bow rebounce technique called pizzicato di arco, assuring best rendering in terms of tone and response accuracies.” Renaud Garcia-Fons Double Bass Soloist proudly plays

Photo: Roger Mastroianni Richard Weiss First Assistant Principal Cellist of the Cleveland Orchestra Co-Head of the Cello Faculty, Cleveland Institute of Music President of the Cleveland Cello Society proudly plays “Playing on the first stand of The Cleveland Orchestra, I must be able to blend well with my partner and with our whole cello section. When I sit in the principal chair, more tonal projection is needed. The Versum Solo strings help my cello produce a wide variety of both soft and full tones with wonderfully quick response. For many years, my instruments sounded best with ThomastikInfeld Spirocore (tungsten or silver) G+C strings, paired with a different brand for the A+D. When the Versum Solo A+D were developed, I found them significantly better in both warmth and projection over all other brands. Now that Versum Solo G+C are available, it is amazing how great they are! With a matched set of all four Versum Solo, the whole range of the cello resonates more than ever before. When I played several orchestral solos on a recent The Cleveland Orchestra concert, a colleague remarked, “Wow, your cello sounded like it was amplified!” Congratulations and thanks to the Thomastik-Infeld team! After years of research and development, it has achieved great success with this set of strings that work together to enhance all registers, and its name is Versum Solo!”

Photo: Michelle Andonian Robert deMaine Award-winning International Soloist, Chamber Musician and Teacher Principal Cellist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic proudly plays “The new Versum Solo G+C are a great blend of power, richness and ease of playing. At first, I expected to run back to my Spirocore tungsten G+C, but weeks and months later, the honeymoon is indeed not over. I love these new strings, and feel as though this change is a “forever” one (even though the Spirocores are still fantastic). I have used them with the Versum Solo A+D strings on all the instruments I own (JB Vuillaume, Goffriller, Gagliano) and the LA Philharmonic’s Stradivari and I have arrived at the same conclusion on each instrument: these strings are truly amazing. The most dramatic difference for me was with the Vuillaume, which seemed to take on another sonic dimension – even greater depth of sound – from before. The Versum Solo set also has a terrific bonus: longevity. Never have I had a cello string last as long with such freshness and also very little initial playing-in time. Bravissimo, Thomastik-Infeld, for achieving the impossible!”

“The Vision Titanium Solo strings by Thomastik-Infeld are excellent. They have immediate response, wonderful resonance and give my violin the extra edge to project in large halls. I love these strings!” Robert Uchida Concertmaster of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Recording Artist proudly plays

Roby Lakatos Gypsy Violinist, Classical Virtuoso and Jazz Improviser, Composer and Arranger proudly plays “I really like the Lakatos Pizzicato strings and am proud to have been involved in their development. They are extremely powerful with a beautiful tone and they are immediately stable when I put them on my violin. To me Lakatos Pizzicato strings are most extraordinary, unique in their design and thus ideal for pizzicato. I am still a staunch supporter and happy user!”

“For me, sound quality is everything. The perfect string has to be both: powerful and focused as well as sweet, delicate, noble and velvet-like. Thomastik-Infeld Rondo strings easily achieve this wonderful duality and this is why I exclusively play on them.” Santiago Canon Valencia International Soloist proudly plays

Photo: Franck Bohbot “Dominant are the most reliable and versatile strings out here. Their quick response, warmth and rich sound combined with their incredible projection have taken me from Madison Square Garden with Stevie Wonder to Carnegie Hall, as well as jazz clubs all around the world.” Scott Tixier International Soloist Violinist and Jazz Composer proudly plays with E

Photo © Anastasia Steiner Sound is our voice in music. Each artist has his own unique timbre. The sound of a violin depends on so many factors and the selection of strings is an extremely important component. For several years I have been playing the Thomastik-Infeld Rondo strings, which I consider the best on the market today. And I am very honored to be involved in testing Thomastik-Infeld prototype strings! I salute the most famous string company and wish Thomastik-Infeld many successful years to follow. Sergei Dogadin International Prize-winning Violinist proudly plays

Sergey Malov International Violinist and Violist proudly plays and “I have known and loved Thomastik-Infeld for over a decade. I admire their urge for perfection and curiosity for the new! Happy anniversary!!!” Photo: Julia Wesely

Photo: Yan Dong Li Honggang Jiang Yi-Wen Li Weigang Nicholas Tzavaras “Our schedule takes us around the world and consists of over a hundred concerts a year, teaching masterclasses, and judging competitions. We look for balance, power and clarity, and be it Thomastik-Infeld Vision Titanium Solo, Peter Infeld, Spirocore for viola and cello, or the new Versum cello strings – they all have a beautiful well-balanced, yet rich and powerful sound with long lasting overtones, and offer the different variety of colors a string quartet needs.” The Shanghai Quartet proudly plays , , and

“The quality and the range of strings offered by ThomastikInfeld are exceptional and unparalleled. ThomastikInfeld enables each violin player to make the best choice in selecting strings perfectly suited to their instrument in order to bring out the best sound qualities, resonance and performance. Spirocore by ThomastikInfeld give my violin a very rich sound. The resonance of these strings is brilliant and their thickness is ideal for my fingers to glide easily, making them an absolute pleasure to play. Thank you so much Thomastik-Infeld for these high quality strings!” Ragini Shankar Indian Classical Violinist proudly plays “After trying out all sorts of strings, I finally got hold of Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore and I was floored! Their richness of tone, velvety quality and smooth playability are incomparable. I have been using ThomastikInfeld strings for decades now and they will remain my constant companion.” Dr. N. Rajam Indian Classical Violin Virtuoso “The Singing Violin” and Pioneer of the revolutionary Gayaki Ang proudly plays “When I think of violin strings, my first choice is ThomastikInfeld’s Dominant. I love their bright tone with their smooth edges and punch. They are very comfortable on the fingers and provide ideal tonal warmth. Especially their sonorous qualities are unparalleled. In addition to Dominant, another favorite is Thomastik-Infeld TI, as those strings add more sweetness to my violin.” Dr. Sangeeta Shankar Indian Classical Violinist Composer, Visionary Educationist and Professor proudly plays and “Thomastik-Infeld strings give a beautiful body, richness and warmth to my violins. I have always been using Dominant and I love their fullness, projection and resonance. They are also extremely responsive and maintain their brilliance for a long time. I recently tried TI and these strings give a beautiful, sweet, rich tone to my violin. Both Dominant and TI are very suitable for Indian Music and I highly recommend them!” Nandini Shankar Indian Classical Violinist proudly plays and Photo: Inni Singh