Thomastik-Infeld Artist Family

Photo: Peter Schaaf “I am thrilled to be using the Peter Infeld violin strings with the Platinum e. They have great depth and quality. They are without a doubt the best strings I have ever played. After the 1st concert I played using these strings, one of my students at the Manhattan School of Music asked me if I was borrowing a Strad. Incredible.” Peter Winograd, Violin proudly plays “I love my Titanium Vision Solo strings because they make my 1720 Tononi sound powerful and warm. They break in quickly and never have that new string sound which can be harsh for the first 2 days. Would never play anything else!” Laurie Carney, Violin proudly plays “I have always counted on Thomastik-Infeld strings for their absolute reliability in all climates wherever travel takes me. The clarity and responsiveness of these strings frees me to concentrate on the music!” Wolfram Koessel, Cello proudly plays and “My Andrea Amati has happily worn gut strings for over 400 years – but as those string players who tour know, climates vary from place to place, making such strings a liability. In Thomastik-Infeld’s Vision strings I have found a satisfying balance of warmth, character and tonal variety native to gut, and the power, projection and stability of synthetic core. In quartets one learns that adaptation and compromise remain virtues when all share high standards – of which these strings are a fine example.” Daniel Avshalomov, Viola proudly plays American String Quartet