Thomastik-Infeld Artist Family

“The Turtle Island Quartet, now entering its fourth decade, takes great pride in its deserved reputation as being the first string quartet to achieve artistic and commercial success based on all four members equally versed in jazz improvisation and classical technique. Thomastik-Infeld rightly lays claim to a commensurate position in the realm of string making through their seminal development of the ‘reference standard’ Dominant strings in the 1970’s, and their brilliant synthesis of tradition and innovation has set the benchmark for others to follow ever since. We are honored to have long been utilizing and advocating their excellent products and look forward to many more years to follow as this journey continues to unfold. Simply said: the best strings on the market, bar none!” Turtle Island Quartet proudly plays , , and Photo: C. Broussard David Balakrishnan Founding Violinist Benjamin von Gutzeit Violist Gabriel Terracciano Violinist Malcolm Parson Cellist