Thomastik-Infeld Artist Family

“It’s safe to assume, having done over 10.000 record dates, movie scores, and TV-film shows in the 1960s and 1970s as 1st call recording electric bassist in Hollywood (Musicians Union Local 47), I had specific sound needs: this not only meant “cleanest sounds”, but also instant response, and long-lasting great strings that could take the beating of recording/playing hard on 10-16 hours a day as that’s the amount of recording work there was back then. When I returned to the Music Recording Business in the late 1990s, I needed better strings than ever, and ThomastikInfeld strings were brand new back then. I was pleasantly surprised, no, absolutely astounded is the word! I could record on your new Jazz Flat Wound strings instantly (no break-in period) and what great, powerful, yet sensitive bass sounds I got out of them: in-tune musical from start to finish with power plus, and a feeling like silk to play on as well as right sounds I can trust for recording and live playing in all styles of music! We all need great sounds and the strings are a big part of that. THANK YOU For Such Great Strings! I could easily get such fab sounds with my Permanent Flatwound 60s Sounds Power-Strings for years! I mean it, the words I said, Thomastik-Infeld strings are every bass player’s dream strings. PS: I also love your George Benson flat wound strings for real Jazz! The Finest!” Carol Kaye No. 1 Most-Recorded Hit Studio Bassist Leader in Bass Education Author-Publisher-Studio Musician-Poll #3 Elec Bassist in Live Jazz proudly plays Flat Wound and