Thomastik-Infeld Artist Family

“With the Vision Titanium Solo strings I found the perfect balance for my violin. They adapt effortlessly to any music genre. Whether I play in a studio or on stage in a big concert hall, ThomastikInfeld strings are simply the ideal partner in any situation. I can’t stop recommending them!” Roman Janoska proudly plays and “Spirocore and Belcanto strings by ThomastikInfeld raise the perfect sound from my double bass and enable me to touch the soul of my audience.” Julius Darvas proudly plays and “An exceptional style demands for exceptional strings! With ThomastikInfeld strings we are reaching the perfect frequency for a brilliant sound in all music genres that we are combining in our Janoska Style.” Janoska Ensemble “I am so happy with Vision Titanium Solo strings by Thomastik-Infeld. The harmonic vibration of the overtones is very brilliant and in the lower registers they offer a lot of power and volume. They create elegant, soft and velvet tones when playing lyrical passages, something I don’t ever want to live without anymore.” Ondrej Janoska proudly plays , , and Photo: Andreas Bitesnich