Thomastik-Infeld Artist Family

Photo: Roger Mastroianni Richard Weiss First Assistant Principal Cellist of the Cleveland Orchestra Co-Head of the Cello Faculty, Cleveland Institute of Music President of the Cleveland Cello Society proudly plays “Playing on the first stand of The Cleveland Orchestra, I must be able to blend well with my partner and with our whole cello section. When I sit in the principal chair, more tonal projection is needed. The Versum Solo strings help my cello produce a wide variety of both soft and full tones with wonderfully quick response. For many years, my instruments sounded best with ThomastikInfeld Spirocore (tungsten or silver) G+C strings, paired with a different brand for the A+D. When the Versum Solo A+D were developed, I found them significantly better in both warmth and projection over all other brands. Now that Versum Solo G+C are available, it is amazing how great they are! With a matched set of all four Versum Solo, the whole range of the cello resonates more than ever before. When I played several orchestral solos on a recent The Cleveland Orchestra concert, a colleague remarked, “Wow, your cello sounded like it was amplified!” Congratulations and thanks to the Thomastik-Infeld team! After years of research and development, it has achieved great success with this set of strings that work together to enhance all registers, and its name is Versum Solo!”